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Este año se desarrolló en Chile el intercambio cultural más productivo con otras WIM Internacionales, esta oportunidad fue el turno de  Women in Mining Perú. Un grupo de Mujeres lideradas por Lita Calenzani fueron parte del #StudyTour en Santiago de Chile.

Se realizaron visitas a grandes empresas e instituciones ligadas a la Minería Nacional, terminando la visita oficial con una reunión en la Embajada del Perú.

About WIM Perú:

Women in Mining is an international non-profit association, which has been gradually formed. In 2010, the IWiM (International Women in Mining) based in London, expanded to develop local groups in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. In 2014, WiM (London), named the Peruvian Gladys Smith as Director for Latin America, and since then Lita Calenzani and Marcela Carreño began an intense job contacting women who worked in the mining sector and who shared the interest of joining an association in Peru that promotes the role of women in the mining sector. In March 2017, WiM PERU was officially founded and in one year has more than 200 women members.

WiM PERU aims to empower women who work in the mining sector through the exchange of experiences, knowledge and capacity building. Our members include managers, professionals and technicians working in the mining sector and is also open to students and others who have the interest in venturing into this sector.

  • Our vision is to become the reference institution and opinion leader in the promotion and strengthening of the role of women in the mining sector.

  • Our mission is to highlight the work of women in Peruvian mining, promoting better corporate practices, contributing to their integral formation, promoting the exchange of experiences and inspiring other women in the mining sector.

  • Our main objectives are highlighting the work of women in the sector, fostering the networking of women, advancing their personal and professional development, encouraging the exchange of experiences through a mentoring program, sharing professional opportunities in the sector, and inspiring other women to develop professionally in the field of mining.

El grupo estaba compuesto por:

    President & Founder, Women in Mining Peru

    Director, Lead of the Institutional Relations Committee 

    Director, Lead of Program: Alliances with Professional Women Networks

    Director, Lead of the Legal Committee

    Director, Lead of the Events Committee

    2nd Vice President, Lead of the Mentoring Program

    Director, Member Legal and Institutional Relations Committees 

    Treasurer, Lead of Program: Work Fairs

Al término de la Visita, con gran emoción visitaron el litoral central.

Muchas gracias por la visita y el intercambio de  conocimientos entre ambos países mineros.